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PSF Styku

Book your 3D Body Composition

Scan with one of our certified nutritionists!


3D body scanning makes visualizing progress simple. In addition to learning your bodyfat and muscle percentages, you will see how and where your body is changing month after month. Using our Styku body scanner, we can extract measurements, shape, body composition, and other insights such as where you fall on the national standards for health and fitness. Let us help you better understand your body and reach your goals faster.



Using the information obtained in your Styku scan, our team will guide you through a nutritional experience that over time will teach you what foods to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. Nutrition is a life-long journey that you will never have to do by yourself.



Studies show that healthier, fitter employees take less sick days and therefore save the company more money and keep health insurance premiums to a minimum. Our Styku system can be transported onsite to perform a health diagnostic and body scan that is accepted by most health insurance providers. True health starts with knowledge.



Anyone can schedule a Styku scan at PSF Gym. Schedule a 30-minute time slot by clicking the correct button below. If you are a PSF client, contact your coach or  scan the QR code on the Styku office door to schedule & receive your 50% off client discount.

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