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PSF Certified

For a decade people have asked for our recommendations on food, drinks, supplements, and pretty much any products health and fitness related. Naturally it became easier for us to carry all of the products that we would recomend and that's how PSF certified was born. The PSF certified shield represents an item that is of the highest quality, is low-inflammatory, gut-friendly, and free of anti-nutrients.  


PSF Store

Need to grab an energy drink or healthy snack for your afternoon slump? Did you forget your lunch, but looking for something quick and healthful? Are you looking for a relaxing environment to get your work done that is different from your normal coffee shop? We've got you covered on all of these! Our store is open to the general public Monday through Friday from 5 am to 8 pm. Check out the brands we sell below and stop by soon!


Product Requests

We welcome feedback, questions, and are always open to suggestions and requests for products that fit our PSF certified qualifications. Please, fill out our contact form by clicking the button below. After reviewing the information on the product, our manager will get back to you with our decision.

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Prestige Labs supplements are formulated by PhDs, trusted by Olympians, loved by strength professionals everywhere, and are created and packaged in a GMP-certified facility. Every batch is tested for purity at both the bulk and mixing stages to ensure the highest-quality supplements possible formulated using only the freshest, superior ingredients.

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When clean and simple is important. Stop by to see the meals we have available or send us a message below to request an order. Delivery fees on us!


Support our favorite local, family-owned farm by ordering the highest quality eggs, meat, dairy, bread, & more then conveniently pick up at our facility! Click button below to order & check their delivery schedule!

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